About Us​

Welcome to Easy RVs, where we take pride in being a family-owned and operated business. When you choose to deal with a family-run company like ours, you unlock a wide range of benefits and a unique sense of trust.


We pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring each person who walks through our gates receives the attention and care they deserve.


We aim to create long lasting relationships with our customers, working tirelessly to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.


We strive to cultivate a supportive and honest relationship with each and every customer.

By choosing Easy RVs, you are choosing a trusted partner who will provide you with exceptional service and support along every step of your RV journey.

Our Mission


A word from our founder Paul Hill

After two decades in the RV industry, across multiple roles and companies, I’ve gained the insight to build a platform that champions safety, comfort, and reliability for our customers.

More than just facilitating sales, I aspire to educate, empower and inspire everyone who connects with Easy RVs, guiding them through every step of their RV journey.

Our primary goal is to elevate the customer experience ensuring each RV is meticulously prepared to our high standards. This dedication paves the way for our customers to forge their own adventures with complete peace of mind.

My own travels, of over 50 countries, has engrained the values of exploration, genuine human connections and the sheer joy of firsthand experiences. These adventures have instilled in me a deep appreciation for our world’s diversity and compels me to inspire others to travel, craft memories, and embrace their own experiences.

It’s this unwavering drive and purpose that truly differentiates Easy RVs.

We’re more than an RV provider; we’re advocates for exploration. We aim not only to facilitate travel but to inspire life-changing journeys, ensuring every adventure is undertaken with absolute confidence and peace of mind

Crafting Elevated RV Experiences:
Our Appointment-Driven Approach

At Easy RVs, we pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to exceptional service, beginning from our very first interaction and extending throughout every touchpoint—before, during, and long after your purchase.

By proactively booking an appointment for sales and after sales visits, we are able to offer a range of benefits that enhance your experience and guarantee your satisfaction.

Firstly, by scheduling an appointment for your visit, you can rest assured knowing that we will be fully prepared and ready to assist you In every way. This means no waiting in line or wasting precious time. Our dedicated staff will provide personalised attention, focusing solely on your needs.

Additionally, our appointment system allows us to allocate the necessary time and resources to address your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for your dream vehicle to purchase or need routine maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, we will be able to give you and your motorhome the attention it deserves. With the efficiency of appointment-only visits, we can ensure a quicker turnaround time, minimising any inconvenience and getting you on the road in no time.

Furthermore, by streamlining our after sales visits through appointments. Our knowledgeable team can ensure any required parts, loan vehicles or extended  services we offer are ready for you on arrival.

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and personalised attention of our appointment-only visits.

Schedule your appointment with us today and let us take care of your needs with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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